Advice for First-Time ATM Owners

An ATM on site can bring many advantages, from introducing a new revenue source to providing a much-appreciated convenience to your customers. Also worthy of note: retail businesses with an ATM are proven to see increased customer spending, which can help build your bottom line.

Below you will find answers to common questions asked by first-time ATM customers. Have a question that you don’t see here? Feel free to call or contact CAI online.

What are the benefits of owning an ATM

Your store ATM can provide serious benefits to both you and your customers:

  • Customers have the convenience of cash access on site
  • You won’t lose foot traffic to other businesses when your customers need ATM access
  • ATM cash is cash that can be spent in your establishment
  • ATMs provide an alternative to checks and credit-cards – saving you money
  • Prominent ATMs can attract new customers
  • ATM surcharges can be a new source of revenue

What are my ATM purchase options?

  • ATM Purchase: If you own your own business, purchasing ATMs can be a valuable investment. ATM surcharges can be a great source of revenue, especially in establishments with high foot traffic. However, even those with fewer customers benefit when people can access cash that’s ready to be spent in your store.
  • Turnkey ATM Placement: For those who want to provide cash access but are not ready to purchase an ATM, worry-free ATM placement programs are also available. While profits under this arrangement are lower, you provide convenience to your customers and eliminate the back-office requirements of managing your own machine.
  • ATM Leasing: Certain well-qualified businesses may also elect to lease their ATM, attaining ownership at the end of the leasing period.

CAI is happy to work with you to uncover the solution that best meets your ATM needs.

What are my responsibilities as an ATM owner? How does it work?

Getting set up with an ATM for your business is easier than you might think. Considerations for first-time ATM owners include:

  • Finding the right ATM for your needs
  • Choosing an ATM processor
  • Managing ATM cash to ensure your machine is ready for use

Customers that choose CAI have a partner renowned for fast, experienced ATM service. Contact a CAI representative and we’ll be happy to explain in detail how ATM ownership and leasing works.

What about ATM installation?

ATM installation is easy when you choose the right ATM partner. When you purchase an ATM from CAI, our factory-trained technicians complete the entire ATM installation process, and teach you how your new ATM works.

How much ATM cash is in the average machine?

Each ATM machine offers different options – from the “Cadillac” versions that offer full-service banking to pared-down machines perfect for quick cash access. Our machines can hold from 800 to as many as 8,000 notes.

Are ATM errors common? How do I deal with them?

ATM errors occur infrequently, when they do occur they are generally easy to correct. The difficulty of dealing with ATM errors relates to the quality of your ATM service provider. Many ATM models offer ATM error guides online, which can help you easily navigate common issues. (See Hyosung, Tidel, Triton and WRG error codes here.) When choosing an ATM partner, look for those that provide 24/7 assistance and on-site teams comprised of factory-trained technicians. Learn more about CAI’s ATM support.

What are the differences between different ATM options?

In an age where online and non-traditional banking are becoming the norm, ATMs can be simple cash machines or mini banks on site. Our ATM options include performance-oriented, affordable machines, through-the wall ATMs, and powerful ATMs that can handle everything from utility payments to loading cash on a prepaid card.

The key to choosing the right ATM is to clearly assess the needs and opportunities based on your customers, and then work with an experienced ATM partner to identify the right options. The CAI team is well versed in the complete range of ATM options, and is happy to help you make the right move for your business.

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