ADA Compliant ATMs

With 2012 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance deadlines looming, ATM owners have questions about the requirements for ADA-compliant ATMs. Machines from 7-8 years ago may still work perfectly, but not meet ADA and PCI standards. Nevertheless, all ATM owners must be compliant or face the risk of fines by March 15, 2012 of next year – up to $55,000 for a first offense.

There is some good news: new ATMs are already fully compliant, and if you have multiple machines on site, only one must meet the guidelines. In fact, most ATM manufacturers have been ahead of the game in creating machines prepared to serve customers with disabilities, with features including:

  • ATM controls within 15-48 inches
  • Tactile input controls and an ascending or descending keypad
  • Braille instructions and speech mode controls
  • A display screen that can be seen 40” from the ground
  • Function keys must visually contrast from their background

It is important to note that no ATMs will be grandfathered beyond the deadline.

ATM Replacement or Upgrade Options

Some ATM owners may be able to upgrade existing ATMs – although this may require an investment.

The trickiest upgrade may be the audio jack for blind ATM customers, and addition of Braille instructions to launch this feature. Others, such as ensuring sufficient clear ground space around the machine, are easier to accomplish. (View a complete list of ATM requirements from the ADA. See section 707.)

Explore ADA Compliant ATMs

All of the ATMs in the CAI product line-up meet ADA requirements. If you are looking to upgrade your ATM or purchase a new machine, visit our ATM Products page today.

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